LawMate IP6-HDW iPhone 6 Shell

LawMate IP6-HDW iPhone 6 Shell


  • LawMate PV-IP6HDW iPhone 6 Shell

    This is the new LawMate PV-IP6HDW, a complete recording solution, turning your iPhone 6 in to a covert video recording system.

    The Lawmate IP6HDW recorder appears to be an external power bank for your iPhone 6, it is actually a Wi-Fi enabled complete recording system. Unlike all other covert phone recorders, whilst recording you can pass this to anyone and all they see is a working mobile phone avoiding any suspicion. Operation of this high definition recorder couldn’t be simpler. Once attached to your phone, it has a single button operation. You can also connect the IP6HDW DVR, via Wi-Fi, to your iPhone 6 for full operational control.

    The camera will capture 1080p HD video at a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels. A fully charged battery will provide 170 minutes of video and the camera is supplied with a free 8gb SD card (supports up to a 128gb card).
    The camera supports time and date stamping and produces Law Enforcement grade video and audio. The Lawmate IP6HDW is regarded as one of the highest quality integrated covert and DVR camera solutions available. Whether you are a covert camera enthusiast or a professional investigator, this system will allow you to record in any situation whilst maintaining a low risk profile.

    Please note that although this appears to be an external power bank for your phone, it will not charge it. iPhone is a registered trademark of Apple Inc. This product is not made by Apple and Lawmate is not affiliated with Apple in any way.


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