NT-18 Hidden Neck Tie Camera

NT-18 Hidden Neck Tie Camera



550tvl Hi Resolution Button Camera

CCD camera hidden inside a neck tie!

Another fantastically well hidden CCD camera inside a neck tie. Completely impossible to see the camera and mic in the tie.

This latest version of the NT19 neck tie camera has now been fitted with the BU18 pinhole camera. It has superior colour reproduction and excellent low light capability.

The camera and high gain mic is hidden inside a secret compartment in the tie with a single cable enabling connection to a DVR.

When connected to the PV1000 or DV500 this camera does not require the supplied battery holder. Can also be used with other DVR systems by using a small pp3 battery.

This is a high quality man made silk tie that wouldn’t look out of place with any suit.

The camera is pefectly positioned to capture anyone the wearer might be talking to.


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