RC300FHD Mini Cam Stick – Camera System

RC300FHD Mini Cam Stick – Camera System



Fantastic little camera system built as a mini cam-stick.

Excellent 1080p high definition video giving really crisp and clear surveillance evidence. This is an upgrade of the old RC300. This mini camera unit can record either 720p or 1080p HD video. A wider field of view (74 degrees) through its 5 mega-pixel camera capable of still photo shots as well as video.

This great camera system is small enough to fit inside a packet of chewing gum.

An 8Gb Micro SD card is included. This will give 65 minutes record time on 1080p or 75 minutes on 720p HD resolution. The device will work with Micro SD cards up to 16Gb.  Date and time stamping on the video means it is ideal for evidence collection.

The video or still photo shots are easily transferred to store or view the video to your PC through the supplied USB cable. This is an all round excellent ultra small camera system for private detectives and investigators.


1080p FHD Video resolution

5 mega pixel 1/3 inch sensor

Instant switch for video/snapshot

1080/720p switch

Built-in format switch

Watermarked day/date/time stamping

Can also be used as a webcam

Measures just 25x75x14mm


RC300FHD Spec sheet

RC300 FHD Quick-start guide


1 x PV-RC300FHD camera

1 x 8gb SD card

1 x USB connection cable

Pocket clip mount

T-shirt clip mount

Instruction guide


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